Scientific OEM's and Start-ups are well organized in networking organizations (Nl; MinacNed/NanoNext) and university liased start-up centers (eg ACE Amsterdam, Twente, Yes! Delft, Innovation Lab TU/e). But start-ups often remain small since international exposure, application discovery and customer development is often difficult and costly.

For non-university connected start-ups, OEM’s and SME’s it is difficult to get international exposure at leading scientific conferences like MRS, AVS, PSE, AEPSE, ISPC since universities and scientists lead those organizations. Secondly these conferences do not interact with start-up and do not promote application discovery.

Exhibitions are generally too expensive and broad with not enough focus for most start-ups, OEM’s and SME OEM.

Vision Dynamics subsidiary InnoPhysics, facing with these dilemmas, took the initiative in 2014 to organize a “plasma & microstructures “workshop, December 2014. The workshop was well appreciated by the start-ups, OEM’s and SME’s (InnoPhysics, Micronit, Scienion) and the scientific applied researchers, gathered in a Scientific Committee.

Stimulated by this successful workshop, Vision Dynamics is asked to organize the 2nd workshop in November 2015, Ghent, Belgium. But the ambition goes beyond plasma only. Ghent’s themes will be “diagnostics “and “tissue engineering”. So Vision Dynamics decided to create an international science community for and from startups/OEMs/SMEs and scientific researchers with background in physic with quarterly workshops in nano materials, micro fluids, micro systems and plasma