Hugo's CV

Born 1 april 1957, Eindhoven

Hugo feels privileged to have initiated and asked to lead many non-core business initiatives nobody else wanted to do. Today, at Vision Dynamics Group Hugo tries to bring the best out of engineers.

Hugo has changed from evolutionary management into more revolutionary, physics resource based entrepreneurship. Born in Eindhoven, at high school, he worked as holiday worker at strawberry picking, food packaging, construction building and even worked a while in a cattle slaughter house. Reasons enough to think of starting a study.

Moved to Delft to study Electrical Engineering at the time paper punch hole card still drove IBM’s mainframes, and the DEC PDP-11 was the only computing power. To fund his study he worked at Enraf Nonius (fysiotherapy), Waterloopkundig Laboratories (optical cavity mesaurement), Brouwers Offset (yellow pages!), NATO SACLANTCEN La Spezia Italy on submarine acoustics and finally he was privileged to an in-company MSc project at Fokker Aircraft. In 1981 he graduated as the first Avionics MSc engineer on Fokker-100 sink rate measurement (CW radar)

At that time Philips just moved the satellite R&D (ANS, IRAS) activities from Eindhoven to Hollandse Signaalapparaten in Hengelo ,then mainly active in naval combat systems, and army radar. He joined them and developed satellite switched TDMA switch matrix(L-SAT/Olympus) and grew in to engineering and managing the avionics department for military aerospace (F-16 & F-16 Mid Life Update/MLU, the NH90 helicopter which after 20 years development finally flies, and SRARM missiles for the RNLAF.

When Philips sold the company to Thomson CSF/Thales just before the Berlin wall fell, he moved on to BFGoodrich in Zevenaar, doing the same R&D activities but with working towards OEM and with more management freedom. Co-developed cabin noise suppression system in cooperation with TNO. Co developed the first ultrasonic helicopter fuel gauging system for NH90 with NLR. and was involved in BDM’s/ESEC pre-packaged , foil based molding systems.

When Fokker ended in bankruptcy, he moved to head the Benelux operations of Essilor, maker of the Varilux lenses on patient recipe. In the last year he worked close in Paris with assistance of Boston Consulting Group / BCG on strategic technologies.

Following 4.5 years Essilor, he switched in 2000 to interim managing director’s role mainly at Deloitte Human Capital Group with the mandate to corrective strategies and entrepreneurial action. Worked with OMP Best on CV/DVD mastering (now Singulus mastering), Aeco Limited with specialty optics (Oswestry, Wales), Dunnet Computer business retailer (Rotterdam), and Element Six (de Beers) diamond processing, Boxtel. Shortly after cycling in Cuba, meeting Pepe in Vienales who earned per year what Hugo did per half day, with Pepe being happier, Hugo left the interim management business and started Vision Dynamics Group and dedicate his experience into helping engineers with competence development and entrepreneurship. His first company Preciseform active in free form corrective polishing was opened by the Eindhoven Mayor Sakkers, but bankrupt within a year!

Technical University Eindhoven (Physics), TNO and ASML supported him to attract and hire flex workers who were unlikely to pass HR entry criteria. Shortly thereafter many engineers joined the group mostily recently graduated. In delegating the day to day business to the engineers, and to keep overhead and external consultant costs low, Hugo joined in 2006 an international Executive MBA of Purdue Indiana USA, CEIBS Sjanghai and TIASNimbas, NL.

InnoPhysics was co-founded by Alquin Stevens in 2009, focusing on micro plasma patterning research tools.

Hugo’s facts and data

1975 Athenaeum Beta, Lyceum Augustinianum, Eindhoven
1976 Student worker at Waterloopkundig Laboratorium, Rijkswaterstaat, Enraf Nonius.
1978 Research Assistant Las Spezia on Acoustics and Hydrodynamics, Italy, BSc.
1980 Graduation project at Fokker Aircraft, Schiphol, Amsterdam
1981 MSc TU Delft, Electrical Engineering, Avionics.
1981 Management positions at Thales, satellite and military aerospace, Hengelo
1988 Manager Operations at Simmonds Precision/ BFGoodrich Aerospace
1991 Management Course de Baak VNO NCW “ General Management”
1997 Manager Operations and R&D Essilor Benelux (Varilux)
2000 Interim Managing Director OMP, manufacturer of CD-DVD glass mastering systems, Best
2001 Interim Managing Director Aeco Limited, optical equipment, Wales UK
2002 NexRx Ophthalmic with OTB, Eindhoven
2002 Co-founder and MD of Preciseform BV, aspheric corrective polishing with Zeeko (bankrupt!)
2003 Interim Managing Director Dunnet Computers, Rotterdam
2004 Interim Manager Operations at Element Six (de Beers), Boxmeer,
2004 Founder of Vision Dynamics Group of high-tech and start-ups.
2005 Co-Founder of MechaPhysics BV, R&D and clean room prototyping (stopped)
2005 Winner of Deloitte High-Tech Fast 50 “Rising Star Award”
2008 IMM International Executive MBA Purdue Indiana, CEIBS Sjanghai and TIASNimbas.
2008 Founder of Vision Dynamics Learning BV, Coach, supporting corporate entrepreneurship
2009 Founder of InnoPhysics BV on patterned plasma treatments
2010 Founder and coach of Corporate Venturing and Entrepreneurship Course
2012 Co-Founder of Solar-Dynamics BV
2012 Co-Founder of Eco-Dynamics venture lab
2013 Guest lecturer on entrepreneurship Fontys Physics, Eindhoven
2014 Guest lecturer Utrecht center of entrepreneurship, Prof.E.Stam
2014 1st international workshop on Applied Science & Entrepreneurship

Hugo is also

Member of CVNN(www.cvnn.en)
Reviewer NWO grants
Long distance runner
Field hockey (retired)
Amateur cook at Brabanconne
Member of Sint Catharina guild, Eindhoven
Skiing in winter
Reading when time left (a little).